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Title: Effect of Vaccination in the Computer Network for Distributed Attacks – A Dynamic Model
Authors: Rao, Yerra Shankar
Saini, Hemraj
Rathee, Geetanjali
Panda, Tarini Charan
Keywords: Reproduction number
DDoS attack
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd.
Abstract: In this reviewed endeavour, a mathematical model is formulated to assess the spread of a distributed attack over a computer network for critical targeted resources. In this paper a mathematical model is formulated, the two sources susceptible, vaccinated, infected, recovered nanonodes in the target population (e-StVtItRt) and susceptible, infected, susceptible nanonodes in the attacking population (e-SIS) epidemic model generated in order to propagate malicious object in the network. Further the analysis of the model has been concentrated upon the basic reproduction number. Where threshold value has effectively examined the stability of the network system. This work is verified for both asymptotical stable, that is the basic reproduction number less than on when the infection free equilibrium express the stability and basic reproduction number is more than one when endemic equilibrium is stable. A very general recognized control mechanism is regarded as vaccination strategy, which is deployed in order to defend the malicious object in the computer network. Finally we examine the effect of vaccination on performance of the controlling strategy of malicious objects in the network. The simulated result produced has become compatible with the overall theoretical analysis.
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