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Title: Design of Azimuthally Periodic Wedge-Shaped Circular Ring Bandpass Frequency Selective Surface Using Transmission-Line Method
Authors: Bharti, Garima
Jha, Kumud Ranjan
Singh, G.
Jyoti, Rajeev
Keywords: Frequency selective surface
Fractional bandwidth
Transmission-line method
Angular/polarization stable
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: In this paper, an azimuthally periodic wedge-shaped circular aperture frequency selective surface (FSS) is discussed, which provides the dual polarized and angular stable frequency response with significantly more fractional bandwidth (FBW) up to 50 angle-of-incidence (AOI) at S-band, Ku-band and Ka-band. In addition to this, the equivalent circuit (EC) parameters of proposed bandpass FSS structure are obtained using the transmission-line approach, which are further utilized to compute the geometrical parameters of the proposed bandpass FSS structure at 3, 15 and 25 GHz. The numerical results computed by transmission-line approach are supported with the simulation results, which have been obtained using commercially available simulators such as CST Microwave Studio (finite integral technique) and Ansoft HFSS (finite element method) at each frequency of interest.
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