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dc.contributor.authorSingh, Amit Kumar-
dc.contributor.authorDave, Mayank-
dc.contributor.authorMohan, Anand-
dc.description.abstractThis paper presents a secure multiple watermarking method based on discrete wavelet transform (DWT), discrete cosine transforms (DCT) and singular value decomposition (SVD). For identity authentication purpose, the proposed method uses medical image as the image watermark, and the personal and medical record of the patient as the text watermark. In the embedding process, the cover medical image is decomposed up to second level of DWT coefficients. Low frequency band (LL) of the host medical image is transformed by DCT and SVD. The watermark medical image is also transformed by DCT and SVD. The singular value of watermark image is embedded in the singular value of the host image. Furthermore, the text watermark is embedding at the second level of the high frequency band (HH) of the host image. In order to enhance the security of the text watermark, encryption is applied to the ASCII representation of the text watermark before embedding. Results are obtained by varying the gain factor, size of the text watermark, and medical image modalities. Experimental results are provided to illustrate that the proposed method is able to withstand a variety of signal processing attacks such as JPEG, Gaussian, Salt-and-Pepper, Histogram equalization etc. The performance of the proposed technique is also evaluated by using the benchmark software Checkmark and the technique is found to be robust against the Checkmark attacks such as Collage, Trimmed Mean, Hard and Soft Thresholding, Wavelet Compression, Mid Point, Projective, and Wrap etcen_US
dc.publisherJaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.en_US
dc.subjectImage watermarken_US
dc.titleHybrid technique for robust and imperceptible multiple watermarking using medical imagesen_US
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