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Title: Accelerated PVT Analysis of UCM Architecture using Cadence ADE-XL
Authors: Sarma, Rajkumar
Bhargava, Cherry
Jain, Shruti
Keywords: Multiplier
Compressor design
High speed
Cadence Virtuoso
PVT analysis
Delay optimization
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: A Process-Voltage-Temperature (PVT) Variation check is run on the novel Universal Compressor based Multiplier (UCM) architecture, which promises for fast multiplication in ultra-low supply voltages (less than 0.9 V) for higher order operation. The analysis further shows that for 5x5 bit & 9x9 bit operation with supply voltage as low as 0.6 V, the delay has reduced by 0.73% & 5.05% (mean values) respectively than Wallace tree multiplier architecture. The analysis is carried out in Cadence Spectre tool using ADE-XL at CMOS 90 nm technology.
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