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Title: SMDB: Soybean Marker DataBase
Authors: Kumar, Ashwani
Pratap, Abhay
Chauhan, Rajinder Singh
Singh, Tiratha Raj
Keywords: Leguminous crop
Heat shock proteins.
Transcription factor
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Soybean Marker Database (SMDB) is a repository of important genomic information for soybean. At present several genomic databases are available for plants. Some of the important oilseeds plant databases are ATPID database, Castor Bean Genome Database, CGPDB, SoyBase, Legume Information System (LIS), Brassica database, Sinbase, etc. To gain comprehensive information from varied amount of resources, we developed this database which provides general as well as specific information at universal level. Along with this it also furnishes gene level information for various functional categories such as transcription factor, disease resistant varieties, heat shock protein, genetically modified strain of soybean. The bunch of information available to researchers today increases in tremendous manner. Hence understanding the plant genome specific databases for acquiring specific information is the demand of time for crop improvement and research programmes. SMDB is designed for the purpose of exploring potential gene differences in different plant genotypes, including genetically modified and disease resistant crops beneficial to the farmer who cultivate this crop. SMDB is publicly accessible for academic and research purpose at:
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