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dc.contributor.authorKumar, Anup-
dc.contributor.authorBarman, P. B.-
dc.contributor.authorSharma, Raman-
dc.description.abstractThe effect on the physical properties with the addition of Bi content, viz glass transition temperature (Tg), mean bond energy <E>, cohesive energy (CE), average heat of atomization (HS), coordination number (m), constraints (Ncon) and lone pair electrons (L) of Te18 Se82-x Bix(x= 0,1.5,2.5,3.5,4.5) glassy alloy have been examined theoretically. It has been found that the mean bond energy <E> is proportional to the glass transition temperature (Tg). The glass transition temperature has been estimated by using Tichy – Ticha approach and found to increase with the addition of Bi content. The cohesive energy has been calculated by using chemical bond approach (CBA) method. It has been found that mean bond energy, transition temperature, coordination number and constraints increases whereas all the other parameters decreases with the increasing Bi content in Te- Se-Bi system.en_US
dc.publisherJaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.en_US
dc.subjectGlassy systemen_US
dc.titleStudy of the physical properties with compositional dependence of bi content in Te-Se-Bi glassy systemen_US
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