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Title: Evaluation of e‑waste status, management strategies, and legislations
Authors: Thakur, P.
Kumar, S.
Keywords: E-waste
Transboundary export
Waste management
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: E-waste is the globally mounting solid waste stream which is increasing due to domestic as well as a result of transboundary exportation. This solid waste stream is considered as an amalgam of valuable and toxic material which is concern of environmental and human health risks. To accomplish successful management of electronic equipment after post-consumer stage, numerous lucid initiatives have been offered globally. The ever-increasing quantum of e-waste has enforced environmental organizations of many developing world such as India and China to invent, and implement environmentally favorable opportunities and strategies for mitigation and control of environmental and human threat. Many developed countries have given topmost priorities for e-waste management, so setup appropriate facilities to treat maximum of the generated e-waste, but in low economic nation like India, economic conditions, infrastructure scarcity, and inappropriate legislations are some of the problematic issues which dodge complete replication of the WEEEs management system. Our study represents an evaluation and valuation, of e-waste generation and cross-border movement to the management strategies followed in highly industrialized as well as developing nations. These findings would expand into regulated and non-regulated countries to put more emphasize on e-waste management
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