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Title: Dynamic Resource Allocation
Authors: Kumar, Shubham
Sengar, Paritosh
Bharti, Monika [Guided by]
Keywords: Resource allocation
Cloud computing
Virtual machine
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Cloud computing manage a variety of virtualized resources which makes scheduling a critical component. In the cloud , a client may utliize several thousand virtualized assets for every task. Consequently, a manual scheduling is not a feasible solution. The basic idea behind task scheduling is to slate tasks for the minimization of time loss and maximize performance . Several research efforts have examined task scheduling in the past. This project presents a comprehensive survey of task scheduling strategies and the associated metrics suitable for cloud computing environments. Distinctive scheduling procedures are studied to discover which characteristics are to be included in a given system and which ones to be disregard.The project presents a review study of various task scheduling algorithms in cloud environment including RR,MaxMin,MinMin,FCFS,Selective,SJF.The algorithmhas been tested using CloudSim toolkit. It is recommended to use the algorithms with best make span time ,average waiting time,completion cost in order to avoid starvation and making it suitable for load balancing.
Description: Enrolment No. 191358, 191375
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