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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Backoff Algorithm in Cognitive Radio MAC Protocol for Throughput EnhancementPandit, Shweta; Singh, Ghanshyam
2017Aspects of Trusted Routing Communication in Smart NetworksRathee, Geetanjali; Saini, Hemraj; Singh, Ghanshyam
2017Rate and Power Optimization Under Received-Power Constraints for Opportunistic Spectrum-Sharing CommunicationBala, Indu; Bhamrah, Manjit Singh; Singh, Ghanshyam
2014Analytical Modeling of Ad Hoc Cognitive Radio Environment for Optimum Power ControlBala, Indu; Bhamrah, Manjit Singh; Singh, Ghanshyam
2015Capacity in fading environment based on soft sensing information under spectrum sharing constraintsBala, Indu; Bhamrah, Manjit Singh; Singh, Ghanshyam
2020Optimisation of censoring-based cooperative spectrum sensing approach with multiple antennas and imperfect reporting channel scenarios for cognitive radio networkKumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta; Singh, Ghanshyam
2010Double Negative Left-Handed Metamaterials for Miniaturization of Rectangular Microstrip AntennaSingh, Ghanshyam
2018Spectrum monitoring in heterogeneous cognitive radio network: How to cooperate?Thakur, Prabhat; Kumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta; Singh, Ghanshyam; Satashia, Samji N.
2009Theoretical Investigation of the Input Impedance of Gap-Coupled Circular Microstrip Patch AntennasKumar, Pradeep; Singh, Ghanshyam
2016Design of dual-polarized and angular stable new bandpass frequency selective surface in X-bandBharti, Garima; Jha, Kumud Ranjan; Singh, Ghanshyam; Jyoti, Rajeev