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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011An Approach for the Design of Cylindrical Surrounding Double-Gate MOSFETSrivastava, Viranjay M.; Singh, Ghanshyam; Yadav, K. S.
2010Performance Evaluation of Cognitive Radio with Emphasis on Uplink and DownlinkAgarwal, Mayank; Rajpurohit, Jayant; Aluru, Pradeep; Rao, S. V. R. K.; Singh, Ghanshyam
2013Drain Current and Switching Speed of the Double-Pole Four-Throw RF CMOS SwitchSrivastava, Viranjay Mohan; Singh, Ghanshyam; Yadav, K. S.
2013Nano-Antenna for Optical Resolution Using Plasmonic Material as SubstrateDhiman, Ratish K.; Tiwari, Rakesh N.; Pradeep Kumar; Singh, Ghanshyam; Chauhan, D. S.
2017Advanced Frame Structures for Hybrid Spectrum Access Strategy in Cognitive Radio Communication SystemsThakur, Prabhat; Alok Kumar; Pandit, Sweta; Singh, Ghanshyam; Satashia, S. N.
2009A Novel Bit Error Rate Analysis and Improved ICI Reduction Method in OFDM Communication SystemsDwivedi, Vivek K.; Singh, Ghanshyam
20082 - D Photonic Crystals as Substrate for THz / Millimeter Wave Microstrip Patch AntennasTiwari, Rakesh N.; Pradeep Kumar; Singh, Ghanshyam
2008A Novel Wideband Subarray Technique for Shaped Pattern Generation and Adaptively Interference RejectionAlfred, Q. Md.; Chakravarty, T.; Singh, Ghanshyam; Sanyal, S. K.
2009A Programmable Phased Array with Time-Delay Units and its ApplicationsAlfred, Q. Md.; Chopra, N.; Chakravarty, T.; Singh, Ghanshyam; Sanyal, S. K.
2017Spectrum Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks: Medium Access Control Protocol Based ApproachPandit, Shweta; Singh, Ghanshyam